Shootout- Micromax A250 Canvas Vs. Nokia Lumia 625 Vs. Sony Xperia C

Backdrop- The price bracket of 15k to 20k is the most enticing and promising. Indian consumers are gearing up and upgrading to higher end phones, sensing this opportunity smartphone manufacturers have released plenty of handsets in this price range making it tough for the customers to decide. We will compare the best handsets in this category and give a retrospective view of each of them. It’s a known fact that not everyone in India can afford a steeply priced iPhone5S. We are considering Micromax A250 Canvas Turbo which has created a buzz in its segment primarily after being launched by Hugh Jackman. The second entrant will be Sony Xperia C the triumph card Sony played some months back to give a tough competition to  home grown brands like Micromax. The third entrant will be from the brand trusted by all for more than a decade- Nokia Lumia 625.

Build Design

The Micromax canvas Turbo is aesthetically pleasing with no awkward chrome strips running around the phone. The unibody construction coupled with the matt finish is pleasing to eyes. The side buttons give a good feedback and are easy to operate. Xperia C has a rectangular form factor with the edges slightly rounded off. Xperia C resembles its elder sibling Xperia Z. Xperia feels solid to hold and has top notch fit and finish typical with Sony phones. The thin notification strip below the screen is a well-crafted effort. Lumia 625 has followed the Lumia lineup when it comes to the design. The edges are rounded of giving it a pebble like look. The build is solid and it feels very durable when held in hands.

The Screen

Micromax A250 Turbo is the only phone in this comparison to have a full HD 1080p screen. The colors are vivid and the screen size ( 5 inch) makes viewing videos an enjoyable affair. Xperia C has a resolution of 540×960 which translates into a pixel density of 221 PPI. The Screen in Xperia C lacks brightness and has to be tweaked regularly. The viewing angles of the screen are poor. The screen doesn’t have any protective layers which that one has to be very careful while handling the phone. Nokia Lumia 625 has a 4.7 inch IPS screen that offers very good viewing angles. Nokia has not endowed Lumia 625 with clearback technology thus making it difficult to view the screen under direct sunlight. The interface is fluid and neat thanks to the Windows 8 live tiles.

The Powerhouse

Micromax Turbo has a MediaTek MT6589-T processor churning out a whopping 1.5 GHz speed coupled with 2 gigs of RAM looks very impressive on the spec sheet. However if we dive deep then we will realize that the MT6589-T was never meant to handle a HD display. This snubs the phones gaming ability especially while playing heavy graphics laden games. Sony has opted for the cheap MT6589-T which does the duty in Micromax Turbo. The phone lags often especially while multitasking. Xperia C lags while playing high end games and works fine with small games like Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja and Subway Surfer. Nokia Lumia 625 is the only phone in this segment that features a Snapdragon S4processor delivering a decent 1.2GHz.The processor is highly efficient with no lags whatsoever. The 512 MB RAM is sufficient to power most of the apps available in the Windows store. The phone runs all the games smoothly without any hitch. The only drawback is that the phone starts getting heated up after continuous use.

The Eyes

Micromax A250 Turbo has a 13 Megapixel sensor sourced from Sony. Camera is great for macro shots with the auto focus working accurately. The picture detailing is great. Micromax have popped in an exclusive camera app named ‘Camerazzi’ which offers features like HDR, Burst Shots, 3D panorama ,Smile detection and Shutter settings. The secondary camera is great sporting a 5 MP sensor. Sony has always been known for great camera units, Xperia C has a 8 MP sensor which captures high quality images even in low light conditions, however minute noise can be observed when the picture is zoomed after capturing. Nokia Lumia 625 has employed a 5 Megapixel sensor which is adequate for daily casual camera usage. Lumia 625 camera lacks the Carl Zeiss lens present in Lumia 720. The pictures captured in the daylight conditions are clear and crisp, however the pictures start turning hazy and grainy in low light conditions.

The Verdict

Micromax A250 has clearly won this battle with HD screen, Delightful camera and the well-designedbody lines. Micromax has once again proven to be a great value for money. Buyers should keep in their mind that Micromax Turbo is not a very powerful device although it has a 1.5 GHz and has its own limitations. Sony Xperia C is a decent phone bundled with an equally good camera. Xperia C has a rich and effluent look, courtesy- the matt finished body panels. Nokia Lumia 625 is built like a tank and has a feel good factor attached to it. User interface is fast and fluid in Lumia 625, games can be played without any lags. Nokia Lumia 625 is perfect for those already acquainted with windows operating system as they are familiar with the pros and cons. We suggest the users to refer the technical comparison table below which will help you further in taking a decision.

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