4 unconventional ways of marketing your mobile app

I have developed a mobile app. I have worked hard and it is a very useful app that should sell widely. I Am I all set to get rich from the app? Since I have developed the app, is my job done? – No, certainly not. There is still a lot to do in terms of “advertising” your app.

Creating a good app is only a part of the job done. For example, with reports suggesting that there are over half a million defunct appsin the Apple app store alone it’s clear that most app developers don’t do a great job of marketing their apps. So how can they stop their app from being a flop? The answer for this question is Stand out from the rest.
When it comes to marketing a mobile app, one thing you must understand is the competition dynamics. Competition is fierce. There are literally millions of apps on the stores. Therefore, your best shot your only shot is to stand out and stand above the rest.

Here are 4 unconventional ways of marketing your mobile app:

1. Research on your demographic and target them  accordingly
You must have a very clear idea about the demographics of your apps, i.e. what sort of audience would be downloading it? What region? What ages? What gender? What profession? – These questions matter more than you think, they must never be ignored.
Once you know what to hit, you can plan it out accordingly. For example, if you selling an app that targets youth, social media campaigning is the best way to go about it. But if your app has middle aged users than more direct marketing methods (such as emails, text messages and online advertisement) may help you more.

2.Use social media but not social media alone

Social media is a very active style of mobile app marketing. But many developers think that publicizing their app on Facebook or Twitter will get them all the hits they need. This is not true in some cases. Being a developer you should have all the bases covered. You should use SEO, keywords, blogging and other online methods.
Why leave the advertising to online methods only? Why not think outside the box and do some offline marketing. You can get some posters, cards or flyers printed. You can have them distributed at suitable places. For example if your target audience is teenagers or youth in general you can have the print outs of your app’s specs (how much will that cost, seriously!) and distributed in a college or university. Similarly if the audience is women, you can do the same at a saloon or a ladies gym.

3. Mobile app awards – don’t forget to submit your app

Sometimes the developers don’t see the importance of this method. If you mobile app has kick started and doing reasonably well you can nominate it for various online awards. This will get your app enormous amount of exposure.
There are many app competitions going around. BMAA (Best Mobile App Award) is one such example. The panel of judges will review your app and rate it accordingly. They don’t just care for the most extensive app; they support smaller developers as well. And if your app wins the award, the amount of exposure it would get is beyond your imagination. It can turn your luck around within days.

4. Get your mobile app reviewed by reputable bloggers

Mobile phone blogs are very popular amongst techies. If you get a reputable blog to review your app and rate it positively, you can go a long way in selling your app in huge numbers.
It doesn’t have to be a blog about mobile phones or apps. You can do a demographic hunt. For example, if you have created a music app, you can get it reviewed and posted on a musicians’ blog.
Think outside the box and get creative – that is the rule of business these days.

Author the author:-
Nuur Hasan is a software engineer at Gloria9 Technologies. He has a passion for hardware and expertise in software. Contact him at nuur.hasan@gloria9.com, if you are interested in Mobile Applications, Website and Software Development.

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