Kindle 3 Vs Nook – Which Is Better?

Comparing the Kindle 3 vs Nook is something that many consumers find themselves doing. It’s understandable, because despite the release of the Apple iPad, the ebook reader is still a device that people are lining up to buy, and the Nook and Kindle 3 are two of the most popular ebook readers on the market today. But which is better? Let’s take a look at the stand-out features of the two and compare them in-depth.

New Kindle 3- What Changes Were Made?

Some of the most important changes made to the Kindle in this latest release are as follows…
Smaller- The new model is smaller, thinner, and lighter than the earlier Kindle 2nd generation.
Improved Contrast- The writing is darker while the lighter part of the screen is lighter.
Quieter- Page turn buttons were made quieter from the previous model.
Increased Memory- Now the Kindle allows 3,500 books to be downloaded onto the device.Other changes…

Kindle 3 and Nook and the Wi-Fi only option

Both Barnes and Noble and Amazon have introduced a cheaper pricing structure for their ebook readers. But on top of that, each has released a “Wi-Fi Only” model, which are even cheaper.
This model allows you to download books wirelessly, but only in freely accessible wireless hotspots. For Nook users, any Barnes and Noble store will be a WiFi hotspot.

3G Wireless access is not available for these models. That means you won’t be able to download your books “on the go” unless you are connected to a network. Is this a bad thing? A little planning ahead with downloading your reading material will make sure you don’t run out of things to read while away from your computer.
Wi-Fi 3G Models will allow you to download books in any area covered by the AT&T network. That doesn’t mean you have to buy a wireless plan, it comes with the devices and “just works”.

Some Big Differences Between the Kindle 3 and Nook
International Coverage- Only the Kindle allows for usage in over 100 countries via GSM network. The Nook only works within coverage areas in the United States. You can still download books on the internet and transfer to your device via computer USB cable for both brands.

Weight/Size- When looked at next to each other, the Kindle 3 is noticeably smaller. The weight of the WiFi only Kindle is 3.1 ounces less than the WiFi Nook. The Kindle WiFi 3G is 3.4 ounces less than the Nook‘s same model.
Sharing Capabilities- Only the Nook allows for sharing of titles between your device and a friend’s (device or smart-device with the Nook application). You can share up to 2 weeks, and within that time the lender of the content cannot access it.

Touch Screen Vs. Push Button Navigation- The Nook has a 1″ high color touch-screen for navigation of titles that doubles as a touch keyboard. The Kindle is push button only.
Battery Life- The Kindle 3 has a battery life of 30 days with the wireless off, the Nook is 10 days with wireless off.
It’s a tough decision in the end. Some will like the color touch navigation and simply must have the Nook, where others will opt for a little smaller, lighter, device and simplistic push-button design. The Kindle 3 Vs Nook comparison shows that both are arguably a great choice.

Who Wins?

I personally believe the Kindle 3 to be a better choice in the end. Both the Kindle 3 and Nook have comparable book libraries with loads of free titles, but the Kindle is lighter, smaller, and slightly cheaper for both models (WiFi and

WiFi 3G).
The improvements of the Kindle 3 have systematically one-upped the Nook except for the color screen and sharing capabilities, which are questionable benefits to begin with for an ebook reader.

River Jordan

Author: River Jordan